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Giv'r Media is a full-service content agency specializing in the production of professional-grade visuals and designs for online and print use.  Our experience ranges from documentary photography and videography to package design and branding. 



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Shay is a graphic designer and a fine artist and has an eye for beautiful and unique packaging. From graduating at the top her class in VCAD, to immediately working on branding and design projects with multi-million dollar brands, it’s easy to say that she can handle and execute any project that gets thrown her way.



Eddie is a photographer, videographer, and an editor, and carries a wide variety of experience in the visual industry. From working in the field on international documentary projects with global organizations to making social media content in the studio, his body of work has come from being thrown in the deep end and figuring out how to deliver a high-quality result.


It really is an interesting story...

Giv'r Media was literally built on our ability to quickly adapt. Eddie and Shay, a photographer and a graphic designer, had the idea to start a coffee company called "Giv'r Beans" back in 2020. The thought process behind the idea was that we could come up with the best branding, marketing material, social media content, and any other visual thing you can think of at no cost because we could do it all ourselves. Great idea, right?! Well, not long after we dumped our funding into ordering everything we needed to get started, Eddie went and hurt himself badly enough that he needed surgery. This surgery put him on the couch for a few months and as you can imagine, messed up our launch plans a little.


Without many options, we decided to push forward to see if we could make this coffee thing work. We quickly learned that starting a sales-based company without being able to go out and make sales was sort of difficult. But not long after our launch, we began to notice something interesting happen: other coffee companies began to approach us not for our coffee (obviously), but for our creative work. With our current situation, we decided to use the lemons being thrown at us to make some damn good lemonade! We made the bold decision to put our coffee company idea on the back burner before we even broke even, and remodeled Giv'r Beans to become Giv'r Media. Less than a year later, Giv'r Media has become our full-time business and we expect nothing but to continue to grow! 

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